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Back-To-School Driving Safety

The days are getting shorter, and your children are returning to school. It’s a busy time of year, as you’re adjusting to new schedules around the house while they get used to the changes of returning to school. While these are all exciting changes, you must stay focused on the road. Here are some tips for staying safe when driving around neighborhoods and near schools:

Be aware of children in your neighborhood.

Be aware of children in your neighborhood.

When driving, look out for kids walking to and from school. You might not realize how distracted kids can be or how unpredictable they are walking, but they may be staring at their phones or talking to friends on the sidewalk. They might also carry heavy backpacks or run with other kids, making it hard to see them. And don’t forget that even though a child may look old enough to use a device such as a cell phone, he or she may not hear you coming if you honk the horn or blow your horn while driving by them!

Put down the cell phone.

You know what’s not fun? Texting while driving. You know what’s even less fun? Getting into an accident because you were texting while driving. It’s not just texting that can be distracting, though: listening to music, talking on the phone and playing games are all unsafe activities for drivers. We know it can be annoying to have a notification staring at you, but if it’s urgent, pull over safely. No text is worth potentially ending a life.

Slow down in school zones.

The speed limit in school zones is 20 mph. This is enforced by law, and you could get a speeding ticket if you are caught driving at a higher speed than this.

The reason for this rule is that children aren’t as aware of traffic as adults. They may not pay attention to the road or other vehicles around them, especially if they are distracted by friends running between cars or talking about the test they must study for that night after school.

When driving through a school zone, it’s important to slow down and pay attention so that you can avoid hitting any children who might dart out into the street without looking up first!

Obey all traffic signs and signals, even when you don’t see children around.

Slow down when you see a school zone sign with a flashing amber light! Slow down even if you don’t see children around. If you notice a school zone sign without the flashing amber lights, slow down just as much as usual. If there is no sign at all, slow down by 20 mph in an urban area and 10 mph in rural areas.

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